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Debt consolidation for home owners across South Africa!

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Debt consolidation for home owners! Improve your cash flow!

Debt consolidation for home owners has become one of the most favorable loans in South Africa. Most home owners have at least one or more personal loans, credit cards and store cards, on which they pay huge instalments each month, and it makes
sense to apply for a further or second bond on your property, which will allow you to pay off all of these smaller loans with the high instalments or interest rates, and as a result will improve your cash flow.

By consolidating your debt, you will find it much easier to manage payments, save on monthly service fees, debit orders, and be able to have a significant amount of cash left at the end of the month again. Do not wait until it is too late! Apply today and find out how much you can save!

Debt Consolidation

Most clients apply through Loans on Homes in order to obtain a second bond on their property, for which they use the money to pay off all their smaller debt like personal loans, credit cards, store cards etc.

By consolidating their debt, clients improve their cash flow again, as they only have one instalment which is much lower than any other type of loan.

Interest rates vary from bank to bank and will be given according to the client’s risk profile and credit score at the banks.

You must qualify for the loan before any debt consolidation…meaning, you must have enough affordability left after all your expenses has been covered.

Who Can Qualify?

Home Owners who have a good credit record, enough income to afford the loan and adequate equity in their property.

Qualifying Criteria

▶ Permanently or self employed

▶ Home Owner & SA Citizen

▶ Clear credit record and good scoring

▶ No arrears with major accounts

▶ Your property must have enough equity

▶ You must be able to afford the new loan

See How Much You Can Save!

Loan Amounts

▶ R150,000 @ R1185 PM

▶ R200,000 @ R1580 PM

▶ R250,000 @ R1975 PM

▶ R300,000 @ R2371 PM

▶ R350,000 @ R2766 PM

▶ R400,000 @ R3161 PM

▶ R450,000 @ R3556 PM

▶ R500,000 @ R3951 PM

Repayments are calculated on a Prime (7.25%) interest rate over a 20 year term. Clients are not bound to the term and may pay it off sooner without getting penalized.

(Terms And Conditions Apply)

Debt Consolidation Calculator

Enter all of the smaller debt you want to pay off, except for your home loan. Calculations are estimates only!

The above calculations will give you a good idea of how much you can save after you have consolidated all your smaller debt. Home Owners improve their cash flow again, and their credit records improve with a higher score, as they settle their accounts earlier than needed. Get a free credit report at to get an idea of where you stand at the moment.