Bond registration attorneys are used with all our approved home loans. The bank which approved the loan will allocate attorneys nearest to you. The bond registration attorneys will receive the instruction to assist you with the legal documentation.

Bond Registration Details

The attorney fees are incorporated into the total loan amount, so you don’t have to pay it upfront. We will be in contact with the attorneys to ensure that they speed the process up. This will enable you to go and sign the documents by them as soon as possible.

Once all of the documents has been signed, the attorneys will send it through to the bank for final confirmation. The bank will give the proceed to the attorney to lodge the application at the deeds offices for registration.

Once the documentation has been lodged at the deeds offices, and the normal turn-around time is about 14 days. Sometimes it may take longer due to unforeseen circumstances, but we will inform you if that should be the case.

The bond registration attorneys will follow up with the deeds offices to find out when the bond should be registering. All communications between Loans on Homes and the attorneys will be forwarded to you as well. You will be kept up to date of all the proceedings.

If you are married in community of property your bond will be registered on both you and your spouse names. That means both of you have to apply for the bond and will be liable for the monthly payment of the bond. Persons who are married out of community i.e. ANC without accrual (with a contract) will apply alone and the bond will only be registered on the one person’s name.

Loans on Homes consultants will inform you who will need to apply, according to your situation.

Bond Registration
Bond Registration