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Switch Your Home Loan

Your home loan is one of the biggest investments you will ever make during your lifetime – so it is in your best interest to ensure that your home loan is working hard for you!

Loans on Homes will assist you in switching your home loan hassle-free! Get the best personalized service and rewards like improving your cash flow, reduce your monthly instalments, and gain access to
extra funds.

Your home loan, should always be seen as an asset not a burden! Switching your bond doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.

Debt Consolidation

The market value of most properties will increase over time. If you’ve owned your house for many years, there should be  considerable equity in it’s value, which you can apply for through Loans on Homes.

Credit cards, personal loans, vehicle finance, overdrafts etc. comes with high interest rates and instalments. It’s these kind of loans you want to get rid off!

Soon you won’t have enough cash flow left after all your debt has been paid. So why not use your home loan to pay off all your smaller debt and improve your cash flow
significantly? Apply Now!

Make Your Bond Work

Make your home loan work for you by managing it properly to ensure you receive the best possible return. 

Increase your home loan instalment – If you pay an additional R500 on top of your monthly home loan instalment, you will decrease your loan term and save on interest you would’ve paid on the initial loan term.

This extra money you pay on top of your home loan instalment can become available to you as credit again, should you need it in the future for any reason. You won’t have to apply for a second bond again if you have credit available.

Refinance Your Home

Home Owners across South Africa are refinancing their homes to save money and free up more disposable income.

Home loan refinancing allows you to access the equity in your property with a new bond over the initial loan term average 20 years. This home loan application releases money into your bank account to be used as you need it.

Loans on Homes will assist you right throughout the home loan application process and keep you updated on the progress of your application. We value our clients and you will receive the best care possible.

How Much Can I Save?

Take the following example: You have personal loans, credit cards, overdrafts and vehicle finance which you pay every month.

The above mentioned loans has a total monthly instalment of R9,500 and a combined total sum of R350,000. Now, if you apply for a second bond or home loan refinance on your property, you can obtain a loan for R400,000 with a monthly instalment of R3,950.

You can then use the home loan funds to pay off all your smaller debt mentioned above. This will allow you to increase your monthly cash flow with R5,550 per month! And you will have R50,000 extra as well as a good record!

Loan Amounts

▶ R150,000 @ R1185 PM

▶ R200,000 @ R1580 PM

▶ R250,000 @ R1975 PM

▶ R300,000 @ R2371 PM

▶ R350,000 @ R2766 PM

▶ R400,000 @ R3161 PM

▶ R450,000 @ R3556 PM

▶ R500,000 @ R3952 PM

Repayments are calculated on a Prime (7.25%) interest rate over a 20 year term. Clients are not bound to the term and may pay it off sooner without getting penalized.

(Terms And Conditions Apply)