Get a bond

Get a bond

Get a bond through Loans on Homes on your property now!

We assist Home Owners across South Africa to obtain a further, 2nd or 3rd bond on their properties by applying at ABSA, FNB, STANDARD BANK, NEDBANK and SA HOME LOANS. Loans on Homes can get your bond approved at the best interest rate and installment!

All our consultants have years experience in the bond approval industry and are competent in attending to our clients needs. We negotiate the best interest rates, do the required motivations and speed the home loan process up, so you can sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.

Loans on Homes always try and get a bond approved at the bank where your bond is currently at. But we do get it sometimes that the client’s own bank, with whom he done business with for years, doesn’t want to assist him. Luckily, not all the banks are the same!

If your bank declines your bond application, then we still have a good chance in getting it approved at one of the other institutions!

This is called “switching your bond”. Whereby the bank that approves your bond, will pay off the outstanding amount at your current bank, and switch the bond over to them. In some cases we might even get you a far better interest rate at another bank, which will reduce your monthly installment as well!

All the costs and legal fees are incorporated into the total loan amount that we apply for at the banks, so that everything is covered in the total bond. Which means that you won’t need to pay it out of the money you receive out at the end of the day.

This will allow you to put the money to good use! Like paying off all your smaller debt such as personal loans, credit cards, store cards, clothing accounts and overdrafts! You will be astounded once you realize what you will be able to save by consolidating your debt!

If you are a Home Owner with a good credit record and have the need to consolidate your smaller debt, or if you want to do any home improvements or renovations, then you should start by completing the Pre-Approval form so we can inform you whether your bond application will have any merit and what your maximum qualifying amount will be.