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Home Loans! Consolidate your debt and improve your cash flow!

We are here to assist you in doing just that! The cost of living gets higher each year. Fuel prices are killing the ordinary man on the street, and all of this happens while your salary stays the same or only increases with a very small percentage!
Debt-consolidation loans for Home owners are the best option available!

Most people go and apply for a personal loan, just to get by. This might be a short term solution, but in the end, you’ll feel the effect! Personal loans have a very high interest rate and repayments, and if you are like most South Africans, you
have a couple of them…!

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About Us

Loans on Homes have been succesfully assisting home owners across South Africa since 2014 to obtain a further or second bond their properties at the various banks and SA Home Loans.

Our trained and experienced staff will assist you to the best of their ability and allow you to have your own personal consultant who will keep you up to date with your application.

We are linked to the Home Loan divisions of all of the major banks and SA Home Loans, which allow us to give the best and quickest results!

We pride ourselves to be able to assist clients across South Africa! Loans on Homes staff will always give you the professional service you deserve!

Credit Health

If you are unsure of your current credit record, you can retreive a free credit health report from https://www.clearscore.co.za and it won’t affect your scoring no matter how
many times you check your record.

Qualifying Criteria

▶ Permanently or self employed

▶ Own a home & SA Citizen

▶ Clear credit record is a must

▶ No arrears with major accounts

▶ The property should have enough equity

▶ You must be able to afford the new loan


All documentation and information are used solely for the intended purpose i.e. applying for home loans. No information will be given to any third parties without the consent of the client.

A consultant will ensure that everything is up to date, clear, and complete. If any other information is needed, then we will contact you.

The application will be handed in at the credit department, before we submit to the various banks, in order to ensure that the application will go through successfully.