Loans on Homes bond applications are electronically connected to the home loan divisions of the major banks and SA Home Loans. We submit our bond applications quickly to all of the institutions, and get it approved with the minimum hassle to you.

Bond Applications Made Easy

Our competent and experienced consultants provides you with friendly service from the start of your application to the end. We know what the banks need in order to approve your loan, and no unnecessary documentation would be asked for.

Getting your bond applications approved is our main concern, and we will always motivate your application where needed. Most clients are too busy to go into the bank and apply themselves, and thus apply through us.

Often when clients apply themselves, they do not get the service they are entitled to. Some clients waited 3 months for their applications to finalize through the normal bank channels.

Bond Applications
Bond Applications Through Loans on Homes

This is where we can make a huge difference! Since we are electronically connected to the home loan divisions, clients can be approved in as little as 7 days. Most clients get declined by their own banks when they apply through them directly.

But if they apply through Loans on Homes, their application gets approved. You do not have to wait until it is too late. If you have the need to use your bond for debt consolidation, then you should apply right now.

Waiting, normally ends up in regret, as your financial situation might change in 3 months. Or you might decide to rather take out another personal loan and then your affordability gets affected. And we won’t be able help you then.