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Mortgage And Debt Consolidation Questions You Should Ask

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Home Owners! Consolidate your debt and improve your cash flow!

We are here to assist you in doing just that! The cost of living gets higher each year. Fuel prices are killing the ordinary man on the street, and all of this happens while your salary stays the same or only increases with a very small percentage!
Debt-consolidation loans for Home owners are the best option available!

Most people go and apply for a personal loan, just to get by. This might be a short term solution, but in the end, you’ll feel the effect! Personal loans have a very high interest rate and repayments, and if you are like most South Africans, you
have a couple of them…!

Questions You Might Have

We cannot assist if you are blacklisted, under debt review or administration. If you are unsure of your credit status then get a free report at: www.clearscore.co.za first.
We will let you know as soon as you completed the Pre-Approval form.
It all depends on your personal credit profile and risk rating, but we do try to get you the best possible interest rate between the various banks.
It normally takes between 7 to 14 working days before we receive a final answer from the banks. In some cases where there are delays at the banks, it might take longer than usual.
We do not get paid by the banks, thus the reason that we ask a fee for our services. We work on a “No Success – No Fee” basis, and our fee is included in the total loan amount, which enables you to recieve the amount out that you need at the end of the day.
Yes you can, as long as you are in possesion of the Title Deed on the property.
In the old days the banks accepted surety applicants, but nowadays they require that the other person apply as a Co-Applicant and be registered on the bond along with the owner of the property.
If your own bank declines your application, we can still try to get the loan approved at another bank, and switch your bond over to them.
We have more than enough experience in the Home Loan industry, and we work with our own consultants directly at the Home Loan Divisions at the various banks. We also have an 85% success rate between the various banks.
Yes, we can bridge money for you if the application is approved.
Yes, as long as your business documentation are in order and the business financials are in good standing.
Yes, as long as you have a valid lease agreement with the tenant, and the rent must be paid into your bank account.
We apply at all of the Major banks and SA Home Loans. Every bank has it’s own application forms, and requirements for documents that they need from the client.
The cut-off age is 65 years. If you are above the age of 65, then we would suggest to ask a son or daughter to apply with you.
The banks allocate attorneys nearest to the client, and who are on the banks panel.

Application Process

Please note that we apply for a further or second mortgage on your property, and the application requirements and turn around time takes longer than any other type of loan.

Once we received all of the required documentation from you, our credit department will revise your application to ensure that everything clear, complete and up to date.

An affordability assessment will also be done to ensure that you will be able to qualify for the loan amount you need….

Your consultant will then email the application forms to you, as well as the list of documents we will need for the mortgage application.

Approved Applications

Mortgage applications that are approved, will be allocated to registration attorneys nearest to each client. They will draft the documents and contact you to go and sign by them.

The attorneys will send the signed documents back to the bank, so they can revise it and give the proceed to lodge the bond at the Deeds Offices.

Personnel at the  Deeds Office will process and capture the documentation on their system.

Your mortgage will be registered between 5 to 8 working days and then pay out to you directly.

Use The Money For

▶ Debt Consolidation Purposes

▶ University Or School Fees

▶ Home Extensions

▶ Renovations And Improvements

▶ To Add To Your Business Capital

▶ Purchasing A New Vehicle

▶ Buying Another Property

▶ Any Other Reason You Need It For

The above mentioned are only examples and the client may use the proceeds for any purpose they need it for.

(Terms And Conditions Apply)