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Debt Consolidation Can Lower Your Monthly Instalments Significantly!

If you have significant debt and the repayments are eating away at your salary every month, then a debt consolidation loan can give you some breathing room and put you back on the road to financial security. Depending on your credit score, your
interest rate that you received on your home loan, should be close to the current prime rate. When you apply for a personal loan or credit card, you will receive interest rates between 21% and 32% which will make your repayments much higher
than your current bond repayment.

Debt consolidation allows you to make a clean start, by paying off all your smaller high interest debt and just repay one much lower instalment back on your home loan. Some Home Owners increase their cash flow between R7000 and R9000 per month
with a debt consolidation loan through us.

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Pre-Approval Form

  • Property Offered As Security

  • Past 6 Months Credit History



Qualifying Calculations

Once you completed and submitted the Online Pre-Approval, a consultant will calculate what you can qualify for. There are two different factors that the banks look at as stated below.

Ratio to Income. The banks policy is that a Home Owner may not use more than 30% of his/her gross income towards a second bond.

Loan to Value. The banks only give up to 90% loans based on the market value of the property. If your property is worth R750,000, the banks will give a maximum of R675,000.

The smallest amount between the Ratio to Income and the Loan to Value, is the maximum amount you may qualify for.

If I Am Over-Indebted?

As with any other loan or credit application, the banks will not consider your application if you are already over-indebted. Most clients are under the impression that the banks will approve their loan if they want
to consolidate their other debt even if they can’t afford it.

The banks require that you must be able to afford the new loan, before there are any debt consolidation. This means that if you are already over-indebted, the banks will not approve your loan.

You must have at least R2500 surplus after all of your accounts has been paid as well as your household expenses.

Arrears On Accounts

If you have accounts in arrears, you will need to bring it up to date first, before you apply.

Once the banks do a credit check and discover that there are arrears on your profile, your scoring comes down significantly, which results in a declined application.

In some cases we will be able to motivate the arrears at the banks, but it’s up to their credit departments to decide whether they would assist in getting the loan approved or not.

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See if you can qualify, complete the online Pre-Approval Form, and a consultant will contact you to discuss the application.