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Debt Consolidation Loans For HomeOwners

Debt Consolidation

Bond Loan Amounts

  • R 150 000 @ R 1450 PM
  • R 200 000 @ R 1950 PM
  • R 250 000 @ R 2450 PM
  • R 300 000 @ R 2900 PM
  • R 350 000 @ R 3370 PM
  • R 400 000 @ R 3860 PM
  • R 450 000 @ R 4350 PM
  • R 500 000 @ R 4850 PM

Repayments are calculated on a Prime (10.00%) interest rate over a 20 year term. Clients are not bound to the term and may pay it off sooner without getting penalized.
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If you cannot find your answer on our website, please feel free to contact one of our consultants for assistance! We will gladly assist with any debt consolidation questions or bond applications!

Tel: 012 383 2018

Debt-Consolidation Loans For Homeowners!

Debt-Consolidation For Home Owners

Improve your cash flow by making use of debt-consolidation!

We are here to assist you in doing just that! The cost of living gets higher each year. Fuel prices are killing the ordinary man on the street, and all of this happens while your salary stays the same or only increases with a very small percentage! Debt-consolidation loans for Home owners are the best option available!

Most people go and apply for a personal loan, just to get by. This might be a short term solution, but in the end, you’ll feel the effect! Personal loans have a very high interest rate and repayments, and if you are like most South Africans, you have a couple of them…!

This can land you in serious trouble if you keep on applying for personal loans and credit cards to help you make it through to the end of the month…Debt-consolidation can get you out of this trap and enable you to start over!

Repayments and interest rates on personal loans and credit cards are sometimes very high, and this can affect you in the long term, without you even knowing. Most banks are very eager to give you a personal loan or credit card, because they know that they will be making more money out of you, because of the high interest rates that they charge on it.

But…once they’ve given you the loan, and you apply for a second bond on your property in the future, to consolidate your debt, they decline you, because they put you in the position in the first place! So, don’t fall into the same trap as most Home Owners, rather act now and start saving!

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Use The Loan For

Although you may use the loan for any purpose you seem fit, we suggest the following below:

  • Debt-consolidation of smaller debt
  • Home Renovation / Improvements
  • University / Student Fees
  • Buying another property to rent out

The above mentioned suggestions are just some of the purposes that our clients use the money for. You may however use it for any other purpose, but we will always suggest that you first pay off some of your smaller debt by means of debt-consolidation, to allow you to improve your cash flow.


Application Process

To apply for any debt-consolidation loan, you will need to complete a Pre-Approval Form first. This can be done either via our website or telephonically, whichever you prefer.

A dedicated consultant will be assigned to you…

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Qualifying Criteria

Our Home Loan consultants will assist you every step of the way, to enable you to find out what the maximum amount is that you will qualify for…

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Home Owners Debt-Consolidation

Bond Applicants

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Further Advances, 2nd Bonds, 3rd Bonds, Switching To Another Bank 

We assist credit worthy Homeowners to obtain a loan at ABSA, FNB, STANDARD BANK, NEDBANK or SA HOME LOANS.

Use the money for debt-consolidation or any purpose you need it for!

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Debt-consolidation made easy

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